Latest Technology
At ACS, we use the latest technology so we can deliver you the most sophisticated, easy to navigate measurements as possible. Our survey team updates to the most cutting-edge hardware every 12 months. We’re constantly listening to feedback from our customers, and we update our software to integrate their requests every six months.

Real Time Measurements
Our surveyors use Class One lasers linked to tablets or PCs to measure and draw any space, instantly creating either an AutoCAD DWG or Revit file. Our Class One lasers are mounted to a monopod and connected to a tablet or PC through Bluetooth technology, thus ensuring that our surveyors can reach any area in your space without a ladder or lift equipment so they do not interfere with your day-to-day business operations.

Every laser dimension that we take is saved to the DWG on its own hidden layer. This allows our in-house QA team to verify the accuracy of the dimension and the method the survey team used.