At ACS Studio Architecture, our team will collaborate with you to achieve your vision for your home through our design. Whether you are building a new construction, renovating an older home, or building an addition, our goal as architects is to create a space that provides the style, warmth, and functionality that will come to define your home life. We understand that the success of a residential construction job is reliant on the project being executed within budget and on schedule. We keep these factors in mind when designing your residential property because our job as architects will always be to translate your dream home into a reality you can afford.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience coordinating with HOA committees, local jurisdictions, and residential housing agencies. We are also well-versed in the permitting process. Once a permit is retained, our staff works with and under the direction of the homeowner to manage bidding and negotiation, and to provide construction administration.

A principal from ACS is involved in every project and will work closely with you and your general contractor to make sure that your new home, remodel, or addition matches the design concept. Getting your residential project off the ground can be a complicated and confusing process but with our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the architecture and construction industry, you can rest easy and leave the work to us.

HOA Drawings

Most Homeowners Associations (HOA) have a set of written Design Review Standards for proposed additions and renovations. Those review standards have been carefully developed to reflect a balance between individual rights and property values within the Association. While it may seem arbitrary from an individual homeowner’s standpoint, the architectural review committee looks out for the entire community. The committee’s job is to make sure the size, and style of the project, the type of building materials being used, and the overall look of the new structure adhere to the Association’s design requirements.

A substandard home can dramatically affect all of your neighbors’ property values and negatively impact the neighborhood. ACS Studio Architecture will work with you to review your HOA’s Design Review Standards, and prepare schematic design drawings that satisfy HOA applications and committee reviews.

Restoration of Historical Structures

ACS Studio Architecture has had the pleasure of working closely with historical jurisdictions and understands the importance of maintaining the design and integrity of historical structures. If you need assistance with a historical residential property, you can trust ACS Studio Architecture to dedicate the utmost care in restoring the historical structure back to its former glory.