About ACS Studio Architecture

Since our founding in 2001, ACS Studio Architecture has always believed that our duty is to serve the public by enhancing our community through architecture. As a full-service architecture consulting firm, we provide industry-compliant design and client-focused architectural services for a variety of property types including multi-family, commercial, hospitality, industrial, and residential.

Customer Service First

ACS Studio Architecture was originally started due to our founder’s frustrations with the lack of client inclusion in design projects he worked on for larger firms. That is why, when he founded ACS Studio Architecture, he made the core of our architecture design services operate around a customer-first mentality. At ACS Studio Architecture, we believe the client’s needs and active participation is vital to every step of the design process and we strive to design as collaboratively and transparently as possible for every project we undertake.

Our Process

The ACS Studio Architecture starts with our initial client meeting. A member from our firm will consult with you to discuss your business needs, project goals, budget, and plan for future growth.

Our multi-step consultative process enables us to provide accurate cost estimates and construction timelines for completion. Throughout the entire process, we work closely with the owner or point of contact to maintain the project budget and project delivery. Our keen attention to detail and organized coordination with our clients ensure that our projects remain in good standing and on target every time.

ACS Asbuilts

In addition to providing architectural services, ACS Studio Architecture also specializes in creating professional asbuilt drawings of existing buildings throughout the U.S. for clients that require updated drawings usually when existing drawings cannot be obtained/recovered, or they never existed in the first place. Asbuilt serives is provided under ACS Asbuilts.

The ACS Advantage

We specialize in designing innovative contemporary spaces that optimize square footage usage, minimize material costs, and maximize energy efficiency and sustainability. Our design team is experienced in problem-solving techniques, including code review, research, and commitment to detail.

When our clients come to us with their problems, we offer our most cost-effective design solutions to help them meet their business goals, accommodate their customers, and improve productivity and quality of life. At ACS Studio Architecture, we design memorable, functional spaces to help our clients help their clients.